Mallard Creek STEM Academy/Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy Board of Directors Meeting

September 8, 2019 at 7:00 pm MCSA STEM Room

Present: Vishu Cook, Kellen Nixon, Tyrone Harmon, Christy Condon, Shelly Domenech (call-in)
Missing:​ Jose Garcia
Other: Jennifer Lucas, Deanna Smith (MCSA Principal), Ms. Shekeria Barnes (SCSA Principal), Anntoinette Duncan (SCSA AP) Raheem Roberts, Elizabeth Vaughan (MCSA AP), MCSA/SCSA community members

7:03 Call to Order

7:05 Approval of Minutes from last meeting

Mr. Nixon made a motion to approve the July minutes. Ms. Domenech seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously with 5/5 board votes.

MCSA Principal Report: (Report Attached)

Ms. Smith starts her report at 7:06

  • ❖  New Enrollment Number 916
  • ❖  School Improvement Team met to create the School Improvement Plan- will be posted on NCSTAR website; families and the board will be able to login and see the goals for the school, DPI will be supporting
  • ❖  Completed BOG 33% proficient Professional Development​:
    MCSA/SCSA had Readers Workshop inservice in August and will have Writers Workshop in November. Both schools also working with Discovery Place. Staffing: 13 new teachers due to adding additional sections
    5th Grade off to a great start compared to last year.
    Ms. Cook asked if exit interviews were held. Ms. Smith confirmed that they were held and she was provided with feedback. Ms. Smith reports that more experienced teachers were hired which will provide more mentors for beginning teachers.


New climbing wall added to playground Fitness trail
Bleacher installation began today


Corey gave surplus report. Have to wait on state to provide final budget.
Temporary conservative budget was created with 900+ students enrolled. This budget will be adjusted once new budget is approved.

EC​ – significant increase in EC population had to hire additional EC teacher


Report going out on Sunday
Events/calendars are up and current.
Cafeteria had to add additional point of sale system

Before/After Care Program​: Operated by TAPS, Inc., 200 students enrolled Sibling care provided while younger siblings are waiting on older siblings
Ms. Condon asked if changes were made to early care.
Ms. Smith stated before care is in middle school and they are doing enrichment and homework activities to improve on task time.

Athletics:​ Great coaches both played professional ball overseas bringing in volunteers who were previous players. Great talent
MCSA will be offering 14 clubs.

PTO:​ The parent partnership meetings have started with Trunk or Treat being the first event. Morning News​ – Mr. Furlough has started a morning news segment that plays for the

students in the morning.

Charter Renewal – ​School paid $500 renewal fee, Site visit March 3rd come talk to the board, a group of teachers, group of families. Scheduled for 9:30 – 1:30

Celebration​ – no construction SCSA Principal Report:

Ms. Barnes starts her report at 7:25 Enrollment: ​436 students are currently enrolled

Curriculum​ – all materials have arrived

9 BT’s
40 people hired to open SCSA
Still need to hire a maintenance person. Currently, volunteers have been taking care of maintenance needs.

SRO, Officer Blackwell has started mini lessons with students who exhibited behavior that is not in line with school expectations.


Interior looks great. 98
Waiting on trees, turf field, & playground Basketball goals went up; bubbling of the gym

EC compliance:​ – No new updates EL Services needs


Parent Square will be up and running once everyone is in Powerschool.

Cafeteria: ​Parent has been giving his time to help since we do not maintenance staff member at this time.

TAPS Before/Aftercare:​ – Running Smoothly

Buses​ – Added a new bus, Galaxy

Athletics:​ Mr. Bethel ready to get started . Basketball and soccer will be first up.

Technology:​ All teacher and student laptops have arrived

Celebrations​ -Open House on 9/15, Chess, Dance, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts First Spirit Night TCBY

Public Comment:​ Suggested that board members and staff members introduce themselves at board meetings.
Are both schools keeping up with immunizations?
Did you measure how students who have been here vs. students who have not been here for the BOG3?

7:40​ – Board member, Kellen Nixon describes the importance of strategic planning and culture building within a school. He notes that Dr. Christian Friend & Mr. Garrett will focus on charter school development. One of the first topics that he will focus on will be, How do we provide training/road map for teachers who are buying into the culture?
They will pilot the program at Mallard Creek STEM Academy.

Ms. Smith states, a lot of emphasis of opening the school, having staff/students, but I feel what’s missing is the support system that is put in place for sustaining the school culture.

Ms. Condon compliments Ms. Barnes on how communication has been going so far for SCSA, especially the social media presence.

7:48​ ​Finance Report​ – Team met with Corey took them through the process of entering the POs, the principal approval, Alliance approval, focusing on the budget and making sure items are coded properly.
NC Funding – Schools are running on last year’s budget. Budget is supposed to be approved in the next week or so.

Title I funding is available. Title II funding is available for Professional Development. SCSA has a smaller ADM will have to manage money very well.
SCSA is looking to break even this year.
Safety Grant will be available

Grant dollars used to buy cameras Transportation Grant was denied

SCSA waiting on Raleigh to do full site visit for the cafeteria to be completely running with free/reduced lunch included.

7:56 New Business:

Ms. Condon asks how the new Before/Aftercare was working out. Both schools are pleased at this time and note that the owners are receptive to suggestions.

At 7:58,​ Mr. Harmon made a motion to approve all teacher recommendations submitted. Mr. Nixon seconded the motion.
Vote tally: 5/5 teachers approved

At 8:28, Ms. Condon made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Cook seconded the motion. Vote tally: 5/5 meeting adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 8:02.

Board of Directors Meeting September 8, 2019

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