Mallard Creek STEM Academy/Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy Board of Directors Meeting

August 28, 2019 at 7:00 pm SCSA STEM Room

Present: Vishu Cook, Kellen Nixon, Tyrone Harmon (call-in), Christy Condon (call-in), Shelly Domenech (call-in)
Missing:​ Jose Garcia
Other: Jennifer Lucas, Deanna Smith (MCSA Principal), Ms. Shekeria Barnes (SCSA Principal), Anntoinette Duncan (SCSA AP) Raheem Roberts (MCSA AP), MCSA/SCSA community members

7:10 Call to Order

7:11 Approval of Minutes from last meeting

Mr. Nixon made a motion to approve the July minutes. Ms. Domenech seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously with 5/5 board votes.

7:12 Public Comment-

Parent asked, “What is the specific plan for behavior?”
Mrs. Smith responded that there is an overall plan written in the student code of conduct, but all situations will be handled on a case by case basis. The conversation will look different with a 7th vs. 2nd grader.

7:15 ​Introduction of Corey Draughon from Charter Success Partners.
He’s worked in various charter schools for 13 yrs. On September 18th, he will be meeting to discuss financial report access to information and timely responses. He will also schedule a meeting with admin to go over reports and how to manage on a daily basis

Highlights for Mr. Draughon:

Mallard Creek final statement. Hasn’t been audited and could change.
Bottom line was $530,00 with a surplus 80,000
State has not finalized the budget yet. He is trying to get access to Southwest Charlotte STEM state has authorized emergency fund until state receives budget. Making sure campuses are taking advantage of the amenities: remote access to checks, purchase orders, help to get Purchase order to vendors.

Jennifer Lucas advised Ms. Cook that this is the new service that has been provided to help board understand the budget reports.

MCSA Principal Report: (Report Attached)

Ms. Smith starts her report at 7:24 Student enrollment report:

❖ Enrolling new students daily
❖ Added sections in K-2. Ms. Smith reports a shortage in Kindergarten ❖ MCSA has been advertising on FB, Twitter, & Instagram. Fabio with

American Enrollment is helping with advertisement.
Mr. Nixon suggested that the social media outlets continue to be a marketing tool.
EOG Data: Scores for Math increased by 5 percentage points. Ms. Domenech asked didn’t the scores change for math? Ms.Smith responded – yes and that the test was more difficult. The Benchmark Case 21 results did not match the results for the NC EOG. MCSA will be using NC Check Ins for the upcoming school year instead of the Case 21.

Professional Development​:
MCSA/SCSA had Readers Workshop inservice in August and will have Writers Workshop in November. Both schools also working with Discovery Place.


13 new teachers due to adding additional sections
5th Grade off to a great start compared to last year.
Ms. Cook asked if exit interviews were held. Ms. Smith confirmed that they were held and

she was provided with feedback. Ms. Smith reports that more experienced teachers were hired which will provide more mentors for beginning teachers.


New furniture delivered, more projectors, added quotes to middle school hallways. Lake Norman partnership provided equipment for volleyball
Ms. Cook asked if there was a confirmation on the insurance liability and Ms. Smith confirmed that Lake Norman Charter had provided proof of insurance.


Corey gave surplus report. Have to wait on state to provide final budget.
Temporary conservative budget was created with 900+ students enrolled. This budget will be adjusted once new budget is approved.

EC​ – significant increase in EC population had to hire additional EC teacher


Report going out on Sunday
Events/calendars are up and current.
Cafeteria had to add additional point of sale system

Before/After Care Program: Run by TAPS, 200 students enrolled
Sibling care provided while younger siblings are waiting on older siblings
Ms. Condon asked if changes were made to early care.
Ms. Smith said yes Before care TAPS and early care is in Middle school doing enrichment and homework activities to improve on task time.

Athletics:​ Great coaches both played professional ball overseas bringing in volunteers who were previous players. Great talent
MCSA will be offering 14 clubs.

PTO:​ The PTO was dissolved and the money in the account went to chromebooks and a fitness trail. MCSA is in the process of creating a parent partnership committee.

Celebration​ – no construction SCSA Principal Report:

Ms. Barnes starts her report at 8:06 Enrollment: ​Still actively enrolling

Professional Development:

Readers Workshop inservice in August and will have Writers Workshop in November. STEMScopes training was held in August


40 people hired to open SCSA
Still need to hire a maintenance person. Currently, volunteers have been taking care of maintenance needs.

Officer Blackwell starting mini lessons with students.


Interior looks great. Teachers came in and decorated school in 48 hours. Elevator will be inspected next Tuesday.

Students eating in classroom while waiting on gym floor
Ms. Domenech asks if gym will be used for PE and Lunch room. Ms. Barnes confirmed that it would serve as both.

Exterior – parking lot still full of red clay waiting on it to dry.
Full turf field and playground will be the next phase of construction

EC compliance:​ – 27 students will be served by Ms. Willis, EC coordinator/teacher and Therapy Smarts.


Parent Square will be up and running once everyone is in Powerschool. TAPS Before/Aftercare:​ – students love it

Buses​ – Asteroid and comet
Parents needed to understand the way buses work

Ms. Barnes expressed a need for signage. Many in the community still do not realize SCSA is here.

Athletics:​ Mr. Bethel ready to get started . Basketball and soccer will be first up. Celebrations​ – Luau for families lots of hot dogs, snow cones, games,

At 8:27, Mr. Nixon makes a motion to approve all teacher recommendations submitted. Mr. Harmon seconded the motion.
Vote tally: 5/5 teachers approved

Ms. Condon made a motion to adjourn meeting at 8:28 Ms. Cook seconded the motion.
Vote tally: 5/5 meeting adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 8:29.

Board of Directors Meeting August 28, 2019

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