Mallard Creek STEM Academy/Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy

Board of Directors Meeting

April 24th at 7:30 pm

Change of Venue: Conference Call 

Due to the varied Spring Breaks and schedules of our board members this month, the board agreed to do business in a conference call format so that we could address important issues outstanding for MCSA and SCSA. A dial-in number was provided to the board and the school community.

7:30 Call to Order
Present: Jose Garcia, Christy Condon, Tyrone Harmon, Kellen Nixon (call-in), Vishu Cook
Missing: Shelly Domenech
Other: Jennifer Lucas (Managing Director) and Deanna Smith (Principal), Anntoinette Duncan, MCSA community members

7:32 Approval of Minutes from last meeting
Mr. Garcia called for an approval of the minutes. Mr. Harmon made a motion to approve the minutes. Ms. Condon seconded the motion. The March board minutes were approved. These will be posted to the new MCSA website by the person who manages the site.

7:35 Principal Report:
Lottery and Enrollment:
Middle School completed enrollments are lower than expected thus far based on the total number of applicants. There is an issue with children leaving their current placements in later intermediate grades. We are still opening applications and acceptances but will plan to add sections of primary to ensure we hit our target enrollment numbers. Target is 920 students.

Adding a 6th section of kindergarten and 1st grade. Board member asked about how the space might need to be reallocated. Ms. Smith noted that this will not change. There will be new staff hires and interviews have begun.

We are going to see if there is interest in MCSA hosting a charter school community event and include other charter which we will host to educate the community on what charter schools are, and what our program offers. we will be doing a targeted mailer shortly advertising the middle school program specifically.

Tiny Titan (kindergarten round-up) Day is being scheduled for May 20th.

Middle School Scheduling Fair and 6th Grade Open House also the last week of May TBD

Family Coding Night for new families being held on Wednesday, May 8th.

Academic Performance:
Case 21 Benchmark Assessments begin this week. Students are working on test-taking strategies, using mock EOGs, and will use the final data to determine final academic intervention push. EOG testing calendar should be up on the new website. If it is not up, Ms. Smith will make sure it is. That information needs to be submitted

STEM/ Curriculum: 5th and 8th Grade Science Case 21 begins next week.

Teacher Professional Development:
Teachers were invited to a PD related to meeting the needs of students with Autism North Carolina Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities out of UNC Chapel Hill. Follow up PD is in the works to be scheduled along with some on-site coaching. May 23rd several teachers will be selected for more specific work in this area.

Google Classroom offers online courses to fulfill the Digital Learning Competency credits. It’s also applicable to what our teachers are using in the classroom. Some of our teachers are already doing it.

Developing of a Lab Classroom Model of Teacher Development to provide more on-site training and collegiality to develop teacher capacity. There will be three model classrooms.

Summer PD Plans include Reading and Writing Units of Study, STEM planning, and Positive Behavior Support

Enrichment/ Sports Activities:
Baseball Team is participating in the University East Little League

New communication will be sent out on Sundays. Teachers/ organizations need to submit their information to Ms. Smith by Friday COB. Discussion about how a set strategy will be put into employee handbook for more consistent classroom communication.

The MCSA/ SCSA 2019-2020 calendar has been discussed in previous meetings. Feedback from board, teachers, and parents have been taken into consideration. The administration has done their best to be closely aligned to CMS as to help families who may have children still in the CMS system. While the calendar is similar to CMS, it is not identical. The board needed to approve the 2019-2020 calendar.

Due to go in once the large amount of dirt is delivered. There are supports already put down. Mr. Harmon made a motion to approve the proposed 2019/2020 calendar. Ms. Condon seconded the motion. The 2019-2020 MCSA/ SCSA calendar was approved.

7:55 Public Comment: There was no public comment this evening.

8:05 New Business Updated
Enrollment Report SCSA:
Ms. Lucas noted that Jose submitted the projected enrollment report with 700 applications. It’s a great distribution between the Kindergarten and 6th. We should end up with a balanced classroom distribution.

Ms. Harmon is going to be working with the staff on uniform. We have 3-4 business partners already wanting to work with them. They have offered space for local community meetings. Mr. Harmon can make connections with the local church for additional space for community events.

Approval of Principal of SCSA: Ms. Condon made a motion to approve Shekeria Barnes for the principal of SCSA for the 2019-2020 school year. Mr. Harmon seconded. Vote passed unanimously. Ms. Barnes has been appointed the new principal of SCSA.

Update for RTO: Reminder that all the previously approved policies from the updated Board Operations Manual and policies/plans previously approved for MCSA through RTO or Performance Framework will be submitted in May along with site specific docs such as construction, budgets, staffing, etc. Both schools will offer the same salary scale and benefits,

Budget Update MCSA and Financing:
We had expected that bond financing would close yesterday. It did not; anticipated to close tomorrow. The bond sale went out to market and within 24 hours or less it was fully subscribed by two major bond holders. We settled in on a rate lower than projected. The title company is holding this up because our landlord has not submitted all they need to in time for close yesterday. Ms. Lucas will update the board tomorrow. This is fantastic for the school.

Construction Update SCSA:
Construction is going well. Foundation is already poured. Based on the schedule the walls will go up May 12th .

Roll-out Communication Subcommittee Work
Some things that will occur include: streamlining the Newsletter, adding additional language into employee handbook. We have not reached out to third-party company for this yet.

8:25 Ms. Condon made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Harmon seconded. The meeting is adjourned.

Next meeting is Wednesday, May 29th @ 7:00 p.m. at MCSA Middle School Science Lab.

Board of Directors Meeting April 24th, 2019.