Dear Titans Family,

We are so excited to welcome you all back for another GREAT year! This year we added our 8th grade to our school to make us a full K-8 STEM program. It is an exciting time for all of us to know we will “graduate” out our first students to a high school program.

As we get everyone ready for the fall semester, we wanted to share a few updates and program changes we discussed in the summer.

First and foremost, we do have a law enforcement officer assigned to our school from CMPD. This officer may change day-today as we contract through CMPD and they assign the officer on duty. We were happy to have this new resource to help address any safety concerns or events should they occur.

We have added to our staff matrix additional administrative positions to help with student behavior, students at-risk or in crisis and to develop school climate. As you may have heard from your students, we began the year with a variety of exercises and field trips to encourage and support team building and school culture that will become our traditions for years to come. This was a great way to welcome back students and to welcome our newest members of the Titan family!

Our School Advisory Council worked over the summer to create a new School Improvement Plan that can be found on our website. Feel free to read it and see the many ways we plan to improve this year and move our students academically, socially and emotionally! We also look to increase our parent involvement and support. Find out how…

After care has grown! In fact, it has nearly doubled in size. We have recently learned that due to unexpected enrollment in aftercare, we are looking for additional staff to help serve hundred of our students in the afternoon. We have temporarily limited enrollment in order to provide the safest, most efficient program possible. Although some parents were concerned about TV being used, or tight spaces, we have worked out some new arrangements and plans for care. Please remember, until we can get into the new building, the café/gym is storing all of our brand new furniture which was limiting gym and lunch time. This should be resolved shortly.

We will continue to keep you posted on the final completion date for the new middle school building. When we last sent a newsletter, we were anticipating taking possession of the building before the opening of school. Unfortunately, much of the summer inclement weather, and other unrelated construction delays have pushed back the completion date beyond our control. We will continue to monitor the progress and share when the new building may be available for occupancy. In the meantime, our staff and families have been so flexible and creative in using the spaces we have to serve our students and to make sure that the educational environment remains intact and that learning is never interrupted. Thanks for your flexibility and your continued support as we navigate through the opening of this year. Our administration team has been phenomenal and we appreciate everyone’s input and resourcefulness.

As we shared in the summer, new electives have been opened and they are going great! Our middle school students will soon be preparing videos for a YouTube channel!

At the most recent board meeting, we were able to meet with a few parents to discuss communication, and other ideas they have for continuous improvement. Hopefully you all are receiving updates through the website, the newsletters and ongoing parent square notifications. Please email the school directly if you need assistance or your child’s teacher can point you in the right direction. We also got to hear from members of the PTO as they build their calendar of events and develop their next schedules for meetings and communication as well.

We look forward to another great year with you and will send a new update in the next month or two when we share baseline school data and any other news that you need.

In addition to serving on our Board, Mrs. Cook has two children in MCSA and is open to receiving emails from you if you have an idea or anything to share. Please feel free to email her at vishwanthini@gmail. As always, please email us directly at with any questions or concerns. Have a great weekend and Go Titans!

Governing Board Back-To-School Newsletter

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