Mallard Creek STEM Academy
Board of Directors Meeting
September 25th 7:00 pm

Present: Jose Garcia, Christy Condon (call-in), Kellen Nixon, Shelly Domenech, Tyrone Harmon, Vishu Cook
Other: Anntoinette Duncan, Deanna Smith, Jennifer Lucas

7:00 Call to Order
Mr. Garcia called the meeting to order at 7:09
7:02 Approval of Minutes from last meeting
Mr. Garcia asked for board input on the minutes from August. Ms. Cook made a motion to approved the minutes. Ms. Condon seconded the motion. The board approved the August minutes unanimously.

7:05 Public Comment
Multiple public comment discussion related to construction and communication and aftercare primarily

7:15 Old Business:

Construction update for Phase 2 completion

Deanna shared her latest visit and Jennifer shared information form the team calls related to a delays due to glass and sprinkler on second floor. We are still a few weeks out but we will send out a letter to families as an update without a guarantee open date

7:30 Principal Report:

We are currently at 765 all and of the shortages are in the middle school related to construction. Discussion related to bringing in our additional middle school students will come back but we need to discuss how many in which lasses to protect the finances as we will have lost all state funding for those 40 students.

Identify next PTO meeting for Board member attendance

Presentation of the SIP

Mrs. Smith discussed the projected school grade and where pour students a re coming from etc. the school improvement plan is presented for approval and then will be published for families and implemented. The SIT will meet to review data. Discussion about the goals and strategies to get there. Vishu asks for more metrics and baseline data to establish the growth towards the 5% increases so we can measure progress quarterly etc. Christy discusses her pleasure wit the goals related to climate and culture and spending time making kids feel safe and happy to increase academics. Jennifer shared info on how school grades are developed and that a C is a good grade and we are focused on growth and going in the right direction. Shelly made a motion to approve the SIP and Christy seconded the motion. Jose called a vote and it passed unanimously.

Professional Development calendar

Mrs Smith discussed the pd for staff. Discovery Place for science across grade levels and especially in 5th and 8th grade. Program for restorative practices to help build student character and relationship building. Mrs. Ellis in a certified trainer for restorative practice and she is here to support all year and has been in the classes and seeing it implemented and supporting the teachers for ongoing initiatives.

STEM/ Curriculum
Care program

Huge growth in Aftercare program. Last year we had 80 kids and this year we have 190. We have had to cut off enrolment into the program until we hire more staff for the program. Next week is a new training on October 3rd. The care training will require staff to provide and submit lesson plans. The students are in groups by grade. Making more additions to the program and then will add more kids into the program. Care staff will be trained in our school behavior expectation etc and supplies for classes and supplies and projects and activities.

8:00 New Business:

  • Approval of the flooring contract to complete gym floors BVA with 20 day ADM
  • Construction/financing update for SCSA
  • Approval of finalized financing terms and construction budget

Jennifer presented the new contract to complete the gym flooring with appropriate specs needed. Once approved, they will be prepared to begin work as soon as the furniture is removed from the gym when the MS building is complete.

Jennifer presented finance options that included the executed terms sheets from BBT for a bond deal and a back up offer from EPR which is a decent finance deal but not as cost effective as the bond offer. Both are very fair and different options. The BBT bond offer allows the school to be the owner of the building from day 1 and has a great amortization table.

Some questions from someone in public comment related to BBT loans in the past in her personal business…

Shelly made a motion to approve the gym floor contract and the BBT financing terms and construction schedule and costs. Kellen second the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

8:35 Closed Session
Discussion of Legal Issue

8:45 Came out of closed no action is taken.

MCSA Board Report
Date:  September 25, 2018

Academic Performance:
School Performance Grade

Growth Performance Grade
Reading 3-8 79.1 66 C
Math 3-8 67.4 56 C
Science 5 56.8
Overall 69.3 60 C

School Advisory Council:
School Improvement Plan Summary ready for Board Approval

Professional Development:

  1. estorative Practice professional support is on-going. This has made a significant impact on establishing school culture and climate.
  2. PBIS on-going support has helped establish school wide expectations.
  3. 5th-8th grade math/science cohort begins October.
  4. Grade level instructional support begins with MClass and Case 21 data.
  5. MTSS support has begun with students flagged from previous year.

Enrollment Update:
764 k-8

Afr. Am. Caucasian Hisp. Asian 2 or more Nat. Am./Pac. Isl. Amer. In./AK Nat.
51% 18% 9% 14% 6% 1% 1%

*A significant shortage in middle school after announcement that middle school would not open on time.

Before/After Care Enrollment:
Significantly higher enrollment than anticipated,
Working on hiring additional staff
Closing registration
Training for staff

Staffing Updates

Board of Directors Meeting September 25th 2018